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Gemma collaborates with Trish Harrison in the dynamic field of real estate in Wellington. Together, they deliver a professional and proficient real estate service as part of a highly experienced team.

With her vibrant personality and deep-rooted commitment to the community, Gemma is a true people-person. When she's not immersed in work, you'll often find her enjoying quality time with her family, relishing the beach, engaging in netball matches, or embarking on thrilling mountain biking adventures in the hills.

When it comes to buying or selling real estate, Gemma exemplifies honesty, reliability, and approachability. Her exceptional communication skills ensure that you stay well-informed throughout the entire process, transforming what can sometimes be a stressful experience into a seamlessly smooth journey.

Surrounded by a team of experts who prioritize customer service and tangible results, both locally and globally, Gemma is dedicated to ensuring that every individual receives the finest experience possible, regardless of whether they are buying or selling a property

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